Bodywork Focusing : Bringing Mind and Body

Focusing: was developed of as a tool for counseling and psychotherapy, most professionals who use Focusing in their business or with their clients do not touch clients during their sessions.

The training of counselors, psychotherapists, and teachers is usually exclusive of touch. 


The benefits of Focusing, as described above, fit very well with the goals of talk therapy

But bodyworkers and other body-oriented professionals can find parallels with many of the results of Focusing. 

They can feel the physical equivalents of “stuck places” in clients’ bodies. They can feel the connection between “stuckness” in thoughts and emotions and places of holding and physical discomfort in clients’ bodies. As their clients start to listen more closely to how their bodies are communicating, various shifts, releases, and insights may result. And clients often make significant changes in their lives as a result.


The process of Focusing can be added quite easily to most bodywork modalities. And because the bodyworker is touching their clients’ bodies, they have another way of guiding and confirming the Focusing process. Through their palpation skills bodyworkers can listen to and mirror their clients’ process with their hands and words. 


The Focusing process may turn out to be even more dependable when accompanied by trained professional touch and body-oriented therapy. 

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October 17, 24, 31, November 7th (Mondays) 2022
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