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米国でのクラスをご希望の方は、以下の英文中にもあるClass Schedule Page をご覧頂き、英語のウェブページからクラスの登録をして頂くことが可能です(クレジットカード、チェックでのお支払いができます)。



日本語でのご質問、ジャックへの直接のご質問は、jacklovesjapan@gmail.com 楠木宛にご連絡下さい。米国のクラスなどのご質問は以下のアドレス、または電話番号にご連絡下さい。

Jack is visiting Japan to teach classes and give sessions 2-3 times in a year.

His next visit to Japan is Spetember 15th - November 30th in 2014.

Please see our Class Schedule Page for his upcoming continuing education workshops.
You can also go to Jack's Private Sessions Page to inquire about making an appointment with Jack for bodywork or counseling.

We continue to offer our Continuing Education Program while Jack is overseas and sponsoring workshops in Seattle taught by exceptional instructors such as Denise Deig, Deane Juhan, Dave Campbell and Dr. Clyde Ford.

If you would like to contact us with any inquiries or would like to be in touch with Jack directly,
please email Aubrey at
or call our office in Seattle @ 206-527-0908
toll free 888-755-4558
Our office hours are between 2pm and 6pm, Monday through Friday

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