Serenity within You





Presencing Somatics (Presencingsource)

Koito Kusunoki 

Clairvoyant/reader, healing practitioner, Presencing Somatics practitioner, Trillium Institute US & Japan co-teacher, Japanese-English translator 

US Cleasight certified Clairvoyant(2001), Quantum Healer
Reconnective Healing & Reconnection(R) Practitioner


Learning Clairvoyancy and healing in US Clearsight (in Tokyo), Koito was asked to give sessions for her classmates during the course, then this practical experiences lead her to be a professional reader. 


She has been giving thousand of private sessions, not only in Japan, but also for US and Europe via internet. People from other countries visited her for sessions. Many of her clients are loyal and long-term clients. They have given referrals to their family and friends, which have kept Koito’s practice going over 22years.

Grown in a rural, middle-northern part of Japan, Koito could hear inaudible voices in nature and could notice people’s passing away in advance. She noticed the inner guidance after 6years-old, and she already had a sense to be a (some sort of) counsellor.


Her reading style is practical and grounded. She always wishes to give much information to be properly useful for her clients. The session is very relaxing and fun because she is with her/clients’ Being/the Holy Spirit which has excellent sense of humour as Koito says). She wants to emphasis on that sessions are not for giving scary information but to relax for the real life here. 


She also enjoys teaching reading skills and meditation, which all came from her experience over 20years. Her classes are usually small because she wants to adapt the class for each student. 


In 2017, an angel cat has fallen into her life. Koito has been serving him every single day and night.