Serenity within You


Private Session - Reading/Clairvoyance

One to one private session only.
You can ask anything in the session. 

I always recommend my clients to make notes for her/hisself ahead of time because it will give good clarity about what you want to explore and practically, it will save time in our session.

You don’t need to prepare;
 date of birth
 crystals etc.

Nevertheless, I usually would ask;
 the name of the person you want to ask about
 the name of company/project/place/building etc.
 addresses (if you want to ask the property or where you want to move)

My clients are frequently asking/talking about;
 family, friends, deceased ones, animals
 relationships, carrier, business issues, moving, place of living
 spiritual issues, emotional issues, health issues, past lives, karma etc.

I will attune your Being/Self and the Holy Spirit/Higher Self (Its name can vary) , being in presence with you to be informed.

We can use Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, Hangout etc. You are allowed to record the session and if we use my Zoom account, I will send the recording to you after the session.

The session fee:
60minutes — $130
If you want to have an extension, only 20minutes available. It will cost additional $25. Currently, only PayPal payment is accepted. 

If you have any question, please contact me.

Healing Session

Healing is for physical, mental, energetic and spiritual, but our main work is for our mental issues – the body will follow, or the body will show you how your mental state is.

I would ask you what you want to work on in our healing session ahead of time. And if you want to feel receiving the session, we can set up the time. Even the healing doesn’t matter about the time and space, we probably could be much conscious and you would have more sense of energy or shift in any level.  

Please note: Healing session doesn’t have any intention to disturb your medical treatment and to give any diagnosis. Healing is not equivalent or substitute for medical treatments. 

Healing session fee: $130 (per a session) 
If you have any question, please contact me.