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Proprioception, case studies, two-way touch, communication, Original Face work, Foot Decompression Somatics…
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The Instructor:
Jack Blackburn, Masters in Theological Studies is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Trager® Practitioner, Reiki Master, Certified Spiritual Director, Focusing Trainer and NCBTMB Continuing Education provider and online webinar presenter

All of Jack’s work is grounded in the notion of “Presencing“. 

Jack Blackburn divides his time between the “Trillium Institute Japan” a center for continuing education in Tokyo, and “Trillium Institute USA” on Orcas Island providing CE classes for
professional caregivers in the 4 northern counties of Washington State.

Trillium Institute USA

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Our services include:

Bodywork Treatments, Body-centered Counseling, Supervision for massage therapists, Workshops for massage therapists and other caregiving professionals.

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(state of mindfulness) is the most powerful tool practitioners and clients can experience in their sessions. Our bodies exist in a continuing state of presence. 

No matter what 
forms of bodywork are used, a growing facility with presence will take practitioners and clients 
further than any technique.

Presencing or sharing a state of presence in sessions allows mutual interactions to arise between clients and practitioners.

Presencing helps practitioners open up intuitive guidance and fresh applications, and work with much less effort.

By practicing presence clients become aware of transformative changes happening inside of them and in their lives.
Both are opening the door to the power of presence as a healing force in life.

Presencing occurs as a choice when we decide to connect directly with body-centered (somatic) awareness. 

Client & Practitioner Comments

“Jack’s method of healing is wonderful. I thank him for his work, which has had a much more

lasting effect on me than anything else I have done.”
~ Ginny Keith, Scottsdale, Arizona

“I was traumatized by a surgical procedure that resulted in a great deal of pain. Jack taught me to
manage my pain and to understand how my body, mind and spirit work together for my healing.

An unexpected result was accessing my creativity in a new way.”

~ M.J.L., Seattle, Washington

“I continue to study with Jack because of his ability to communicate the essence and essentials of

‘presence’ which is vital to the healing experience.”
~ Lucy Baker, LMP, Seattle, Washington

“I was eighty-two years old when I had my first massage with Jack. Over the years, I have
experienced the power of healing touch. Now, at ninety, as I look back over our time together, I

realize how much I’ve been able to open to my own inner guidance.”

~ Dottee Peters, Seattle, Washington