Two-Way Presencing into NOW

Video Home Study – $100

Sharing Presence: 
This class is an extension of a previous class: Four Meditations into Presence.

We will be learning ways of sharing presence from a non-religious standpoint that help establish our work time as a presencing timesharing this moment NOW.

For those that were trained as Trager practitioners, this is what Milton was intending in teaching Hookup.

When we learn to practice body-centered meditation on a regular basis, we begin to transform ourselves from the inside out and share that transformation directly as practitioners. As our own transformation progresses, our work becomes an expression of that transformation.

As we work with our clients bodies we are passing on our presenced awareness through our hands, through our words, and through our awareness.
We are creating a space of gathering (Quaker sense of gathering – “Where two or more are gathered in my name”). The word gathered means sharing presence.

We are sharing the potential of transformation.
We are sharing the presence of the eternal moment.

The signs and gifts of presence start to become part of the environment of the session creating a sacred space

We are benefited by this experience as we and the client move into a mutual experience of healing. Thus our work becomes an extension of our own path of healing and vice versa.

Bodywork itself seems like a perfect example of right livelihood. We are doing no harm to other persons or other forms of life.

We are spreading peacefulness and reducing fear and ignorance. Many persons in this world have been abused by others. Abuse is the main tender of fear and ignorance. It reduces humans to the lowest ambitions: safety, survival, distrust, power over others, resentment, and retribution.

Bodywork is a perfect antidote to these primary illnesses of the human psyche
As bodyworkers, we are stewards of peacefulness, body acceptance and presence.

When we practice presencing on our own, we can feel the arising of these qualities as we feel the arising of Being inside.
Our work changes, our understandings change, and we start to come into alignment with a transformation that is progressively changing all of humanity.  

Two-Way Presencing into Now

Four Two-Hour Classes -8CEs*
Cost $100

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