Home Study -Webinar Library-

Do you want to learn on your own?  Do you want to take the classes at home?  Did you miss some Webinar classes?
This is the library of Webinar classes from 2021-2023.

How to:
Click the class you are interested. The description page opens in a new window. The class costs $25 per one section (two hours). Click “Register” bottun to pay. You’ll get a code for accessing the class you want to study (The code will be emailed within a day). You can watch the videos but can’t download. **
For CEs:
To acquire the CE credits, there are some requirements from NCBTNB. Please contact us for the process. Thank you.

*The manual will not be provided for the home study.
**For the contents of the videos and privacy of the attendees, we appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Please do not share the code(s) for the video(s).