Supervision in Bodywork

Supervision, Professional Consulting and

with Jack Blackburn

Online One-on-one Sessions with Jack:
Although Jack spends time in both Orcas and Tokyo, he is now available to you online for Supervision, Consulting and Counseling sessions via the internet and video conferencing!

Because of Jack’s experience and training in supervision, you can earn CEU hours as you work with Jack on your own practice!

What supervision is:

In the social sciences and helping professions the word takes on quite a different meaning from general usage.
First supervision connotes a sense of clarity and being in a better position to see things, to perceive and correct issues as from above. 
A supervisor in this sense is someone who has many years of experience and thus is aware of many of the problems that can arise.
Jack has been in supervision himself for over 20 years and was trained in supervision while in graduate school in the early ’90s.


Online Bodywork Supervision Sessions:
As an AMTA presenter, and as a teacher and sponsor of continuing education classes, I started to realize how important it is for touch practitioners to have follow-up supervision sessions for areas of their practice they were trying to improve. Most of us are required to take continuing education to maintain our professional license. Often we are not sure of how to incorporate what we learned as CEs into our practice. Also, we are required to take Ethics but most of the Ethics classes offered do not pertain to difficulties we are experiencing with certain clients and other situations in our practice. As a result I have been giving supervision sessions and CEs for individuals and groups for over 20 years. You’ll receive a session video, a certificate, a written report, and 2 CEs.

Arranging for Supervision with Jack:

Even while he is in Japan, you can make an appointment with Jack for a professional supervision session There are various ways to setup sessions:

Zoom session – Download Zoom at the Download Center.
If you already have your Zoom account, you can choose which account you want to use for the session.

・Telephone sessions with Jack – You can arrange a session over your phone, which Jack can call your phone through Skype. Add $2 to session fee for cost of calling your phone. You can use any network meeting software you have… that Jack can connect to… by phone. Add $2 to session fee for cost of calling your phone.

・Download Skype* (which is inexpensive) and handle the whole session directly with option of text, voice, and visual contact. You simply need a relatively new computer with a high-speed internet connection for video conferencing with Jack.

He is also available for video chat through Gmail if you have a address  

You will receive one CE credit for each hour of supervision.

Jack can send you a certificate after each supervision call or for multiples as you choose. This is a great way to earn credit hours that are specific to your needs.

You can access an article on Supervision on Jack’s Article Page.