Practicing Presence

Presence (state of mindfulness) is the most powerful tool you can bring to your session.

No matter what forms of bodywork you do, your ease with presence will take you and your client further than any technique.

In this class, we will open the door to the power of presence as a healing force. 

You will be able to involve yours clients more in their sessions, open up your own deeper intuitive and assessment skills, and work with much less effort.

Benefits to You, the Practitioner: Deepen your professional integrity Expand your ability to monitor client cues Become more facile with different states of awareness

Move your work towards effortlessness
Practice self-care by tracking your own body sensations
Explore a different paradigm for pain and symptoms
Learn techniques of active listening and focusing
Communication skills that enhance your client’s process

Benefits for our Clients:
Greater body-centered self-awareness

Learn the language of their bodies
Experience their bodies without fear or guilt
Uncover their inner healer
Discover the power of personal authorship
Relate to the practitioner as mentor, not rescuer
Learn how to work with their symptoms when alone
Develop their ability to discern their destiny

“I had the best weekend at my clinic after this class. I noticed how much less effort was  necessary.” ~ Student, 2005

“I saw 12 clients this weekend and although I was tired on Sunday night, it wasn’t the fried feeling that I used to have. Your class helped precipitate a whole new attitude toward my work and it’s much more gratifying.”  ~ Student, 2005