Original Face

Zen Koan: What was your face before you were born? --- An unanswerable Question!


Human Faces are Mirrors: 
We cannot see our own faces

So one of the primary functions of our faces is to mirror the faces of others – even as they are mirroring us… What we feel inside governs how we mirror others.

Loving-open faces create the effect of being truly met. “Truly met” means that someone is greeting us as a fellow soul-being… When we wear a “mask,” what the Greeks called persona, it means that we are playing a part or role in relation to others. Handsomeness and beauty are personas or roles, not mirrors of empathy. 

Original Face Work: 
In Original Face Work, we are learning the feeling the feeling of relaxed, refreshed, and fearless facial musculature. We are clearing our musculature from past memories and projections. True beauty and ugliness have nothing to do with age… they reflect our ability to mirror others and our willingness to be mirrored back.

Gateways to Personal and Interpersonal Expression: 
Our eyes are called mirrors of the soul and can look deeply from our soul to another soul.
The expression “Look into the eyes that really see you,” is a deeper form of mirroring we support with Original Face Work.
We are relaxing eye muscles and inner tension inside and behind the eyes. 

Many persons are afraid to make eye contact…
Why? Also many persons are afraid to keep their eyes closed when entering their inner being…
Why? What are the stages of letting go of eye-centered fear?