Decompression Somatics

Similar to homeopathy, this is an extremely effective and gentle modality that goes right to the heart of healing, with no painful side effects.

Learn how to take clients directly into their patterns of unconscious holding and trigger reflexive or somatic responses to resolve those patterns.
This powerful transformative tool results in core physical, mental, and emotional healing.

This class stems from material that Jack Blackburn has been teaching for many years in his classes: Side-Lying Somatics, Table Talking, Foot Decompression Somatics (Japan), and Being Present with Your Clients.

In the last few years Jack’s work and classes have been strongly influenced by the writings and classes of Denise Deig author of Positional Release Technique; from a dynamic systems perspective, Tom Meyers author of Anatomy Trains, Thomas Hanna’s articles on Somatics, and trainings in Focusing, Eugene Gendlin’s body-centered counseling techniques.

In this class you will be introduced to very powerful positional release techniques as well as verbal support that helps your client become an active participant in the releases.
These combined approaches allow you to effectively help the client let go of holding patterns in any part of the body. These approaches are particularly helpful for the client’s relationship to pain.

In This Class You Will:
Learn how to find the axis of resistance in muscles and joints
Learn how to convert resistance into releases
Learn how to work with holding patterns rather than against them
Learn how to use words and tactile stimuli to support releases
Learn how to position multiple joints, muscles, and connective tissue to produce overall releases
Learn how to gently follow releases by feeling subtle reflexes
Learn how to remain present and create a shared presence with clients

These classes are intended to take you into a wholly different world of client-centered somatics.
This is especially helpful for those of you who do clinical work and are aware that so much more can happen for your clients than removal of symptoms.

This class is designed to explore various methods of client recruitment and empowerment into their own healing process and life transformation rather than “fixing” clients.

Foot Decompression Somatics

Case report:  I want to tell you about a recent client session using FDS. I worked with a man who has a profession where he has to stand almost all of the day. He is quite large and works in a very small space. He wears very expensive shoes so that his feet and legs hurt him less. He goes for acupuncture but it offers only temporary relief. He suffers continual pain in his legs and low back and swelling in his legs and feet. I gave him a session of mostly FDS. He felt immediate relief in his feet and legs and low back. He said he could not remember feeling so good. The work on his feet also released stiffness in his hips and upper back. His circulation improved and he could feel the warming of blood flow throughout his whole body. I visited him at his shop 3 weeks later and he said he was still benefiting from the treatment and the pain and stiffness had not returned.

In this class you will learn the following:

How to release stiffness and pain in the body by working gently on the feet and  lower legs
How to recognize the portions of the feet that need to be released
How the joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia of the feet connect directly to the whole body
How to change the arches of the feet that correct the posture in the whole body
How to improve blood circulation and good feeling in the whole body
How to compress along the lines of balance in the feet that offer very pleasurable sensations
How to bring yourself and your client into a state of shared presence and teamwork

Recommended Reading

Anatomy Trains

by Tom Myers

Positional Release Technique

by Denise Deig


by Eugene Gendlin

“What is Somatics?” by Thomas Hanna in

Bone Breath and Gesture

by Don Johnson