Now Jack’s tutorials are available online!

Jack became a Tutor and Electives Teacher for Trager Practitioners in 1990s as well as Trager Introductory workshop leader.
With his trainings and great amount of experiences, he aquired certifications as LMP, MTS-SD Spiritual Director, Focusing Trainer, and NCBTMB and AMTA certified Instructor.

His tutorials extend to various aspects of professional caregiving.

Jack offers individual and group tutorials to Bodywork Practitioners as well as Counselors, Spiritual Directors, and Psychotherapists who want to include aspects of appropriate touch in their work with clients.

Tutorials can be hands-on, virtual, and phone conversations depending on Covid-19, your location, and whether you include a client, colleague or recipient.

Here is a list of possible tutorial subjects:
Aspects of Trager as they apply to your work with clients
・Combining intake forms, and client somatic awareness
・Table Talk and Focusing as forms of verbal interaction
・Practicing self-presence and sharing presence with clients
Working with pain as client-practitioner team
・Work of Side-lying : reviews, its benefits, techniques and how to conbine with your skill and session
Palliative care for serious illness and life transitions
・Using Reiki and other forms of energy healing
・Working with client fears and traumatic experiences
Healing as a mutual sharing between client and practitioner
Proprioception, interoception and exteroception
Ethical Dilemmas and Supervision from your practice

Online Tutorials with Jack

How to:
 Zoom Session (needs to download Zoom)
 Skype Session (needs to download Skype)
 Phone Session

Zoom and Skype are reasonable methods because Jack can see your tablework through the video system simultaneously.
You can work on a model or even your client during the tutorial session. You will be able to get the suggestions and advices from Jack on live!
Phone session woud be more for verbal tutorials, eg. etical topics, counselings etc.
Please contact us for details. Considering your requests and circumstances, we will give you the suggestions for your best benefit.