Four Meditations into Presencing

Pathways into Presence with Four Types of Meditations

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1. Vipassana: The first meditative pathway we will be teaching is derived from Buddhist meditation and it involves using your inbreath and outbreath to interact with different parts of your body in order to bring yourself into an overall conscious awareness of body-mind interplay between sensations, memories, and conditioned reflexes that derive from past experiences, and opening into no time, no thought, no-conditioned presence

2. Proprioception, Interoception, Exteroception:
 Learning different feeling states that derive from the fact that the body; all its systems of operation; and all its sensory data are occurring nowIn this moment… From the beginning of life until we take our last breath.
The underlying connector is sentience our internal feeling awareness.
We will use these feeling states in order to let the body teach us different ways of Being.

3. Feeling, touching, verbalizing, seeing, into different body parts:
 Exploring our bodies from the inside. We have all learned many facts about our bodies, how it is put together, how different systems function, but do we really know our bodies from the inside or the energy layers outside our bodies. Also our bodies are composed of a community of species that aid us in digestion, elimination, absorption, wound healing, body cells that fight germs and disease… Our conscious awareness has little to do with the community of cells that keep us alive.
It’s time we stop disparaging our bodies and attend to our gift of Life!

4. Minding the Chakras:
 Many bodyworkers are exposed to the chakras, energy centers distributed throughout the body. In Reiki and other healing systems, much attention is paid to the chakras. We are basically taught the 7 major whirling wheels where energy enters and leaves the body, we learn positive and negative emotional issues associated with each chakra, and how to send others energy in person or long distance to heal those issues.
What about our own inner chakra work, finding our own chakra-physical issues and using our own chakra treatments to change our physical and energy bodies.

Four Meditations into Presence

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