Decompression Somatics -Hand to Neck- (Webinar 6hours)

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WEBINAR : Decompression Somatics -Hand to Neck-

Manual Sample, Decompressing Hands and Wrists:

Assessment of hand is very similar to the foot.

First find areas of resistance and decompress.

Then follow the movement in the direction of softening.

Feel into the phalanges – gently rotate, side bend, extend, and flex, then hold the decompression while supporting the parasympathetic response of the client.

Then follow with muscle and tendon decompressions as well as ulnar an radius joints.
Use tapping, client’s breath, and words to create a direct interaction of shared awareness.

Nothing should cause pain.
Practitioner and client reassess for ease of movement and comfort.

Decompression Somatics as a shared meeting place:
Probably the most difficult concept in DS is the concept of somaticsA state of conscious awareness, or shared presence, we are trying to produce for the client and achieve for ourselves.
While DS relies upon presencing at the core, it also relies upon the willing participation of both parties
. DS is called DS because somatics is the heart of our work.
We are using a slightly different approach to somatics than other forms of bodywork. We are reversing the emphasis from teaching the client somatic awareness to directly recruiting the client into the teamwork of releasing (ego based) holding patterns
Thus we become equal participants with the client and visa versa.
It works both ways because we have created a shared meeting place.

The first step starts with bringing the client into that part of the body.

The second step involves using interactive feeling tools like client breath and touch.

The third step, and perhaps the most powerful, is to support the client’s words to come forth or emerge directly from his/her felt experience.

This search for words that convey the felt-sense (process borrowed from Focusing) induces a state of exploration and curiosity in the client. This state becomes an open doorway to the direct inner perception of the body. The client searches for words.

Correspondingly, as the search proceeds, the client’s tissue changes

The search for an exact verbal description spurs curiosity, the opposite of control and faking it (ego devices).

The words have to fit or the tissue will not respond…  Process; find the fit in an ever-changing domain of somatesthesia (somatic awareness).

Decompression Somatics  Hand to Neck
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