Table Talking Refinements in-Deapth (webinar)

What we are striving for in this class is an appreciation and respect for verbal interaction that derives directly from the body-referenced experiences of the client and practitioner. 


Everything that arises in a session or in-between sessions has a bodily component to it

All symptoms: physical, emotional and mental are accompanied by a felt sense, a set of sensations that are accessed directly through the body


The language of the body is full of metaphor and symbols that may inform the process

And awarenesses that are anchored in the present moment can be used for healing.


Bodyworkers can train their hands and words over time to be skilful listeners, mirrors, guides, and companions. 

What we’re talking about is a new school of verbal interaction; one that is derived from within the profession itself and has its own intrinsic wisdom and systems of interaction; one that is intimately focused upon the language of the body, the mind, and the self-conscious being that resides within.

**About this specific in-deapth class**

We will work together for 4 weeks.I’ve attached the handouts for this class below…
They reflect some of the sources I drew upon in Graduate school and afterwards for creating this
method. My goal is to make body-centered two-way verbal 
interaction available to all touch professionals and their clients.
My hope is that we will all find ways to practice the verbal 
interaction directly in class as well as with our clients and 
colleagues over the next 4 weeks.


Four Three-Hour Classes 12CEs
October 12,19,26th, November 2nd 2022
Time 4PM PDT
NCBTMB Approval in Process
Cost $180