Palliative Care and Oncology -webinar class-

"Waking up: we have not truly lived life until we have accompanied the dying."

Webinar Home Study – $100

Those of us who have accompanied the dying realize that death is not an ending but a new birthing.

There are persons with end-of-life experience including their own back steps from the edge of leaving.
We are all aware that all bodies die, so that life made of Earth can continue and be recycled. Yet humans have mentally made death a travesty, a punishment, a loss instead of gratitude and counting our blessings.

Hearing that we will be leaving we ask:
”What did I do wrong?” or “Who’s to blame for calling me away?”

Those of us who care for bodies come to realize what an amazing instrument we are learning.

Dying is one of the great mysteries of living.

Many “near deaths” bring spiritual transformation. We are all of us in a caregiving relationship with life; ours and others. We are all on the same path. Healing versus fixing…

When we become present (“hookup” in Trager) with our clients, we are sharing their journey.

Palliative Care:
  Really means that we are helping seriously wounded, injured, ill and dying patients. Helping by creating comfort, reducing fear, increasing a sense of aliveness in their bodies, and help their ability to interact with friends relatives and caregivers.

Touch is a very important part of palliative care

Training effects include relaxation, non-painful touch, and interactive touch. We make sure that the client feels the touch, and teach the client how to interact with the practitioner’s hands; with breath, with touch, with proprioception. 

Palliative Care and Oncology
Webinar Home Study
Four Two Hour Classes – 8CEs*

NCBTMB Certified
Cost $100

*For CEs, you need to submit some requiments. In this case, please contact us to follow the process. Thank you.