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Milton: "Use your hands to listen to the tissue. When you meet resistance do less!"

These words by Milton are the true essence of his approach to the body. It can take years to understand what he meant by those words.

His own work changed dramatically over the years. He was strong, athletic, was a boxer and “hoofer,” a Vaudeville dancer.

His early tablework involved dramatically tossing clients bodies in many different directions like the hot swing dancers of the 1930s and 40s.
And yet his touch and his footwork, was like Fred Astaire, incredibly soft and agile. He devised many movements for his clients and students to practice on their own.
He called them Mentastics or ‘mental-gymnastics.’

He also taught his clients and his students movements he had used to free himself from some of the ageing limitations in his own body.

“Doing less when you meet resistance,” became the path he followed in his senior years.

His touch had a feeling of emptiness; beckoning you to join in the dance with his incredible lightness of being. 

Passing on that lightness of being by doing less. 

Resistance comes in many forms. Disociation is one form and it can occur in the minds of client and practitioner. Both minds can remain absorbed in the fixing the client’s story, rather than a shared experience of listening to the body.
The power of doing less involves meeting one another in different parts of the body.

“Meet my hands right here where you are feeling pain. 

Breathe into my hands, touch my hands from inside this part of your body. 

I’m lightly tapping this ligament. Now touch my fingertips as lightly as possible.  

As I withdraw my hands, fill them out with your inbreath. 

As you exhale I will gently compress, helping you lengthen your exhale. 

See if you have some words to describe what you are feeling right here inside this part of your body.”
There are a many ways to create a two-way presencing interaction.


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