Conscious Proprioception; Entrance into Presence

Proprioception: We’re always propriocepting.

The traditional definition: our awareness of our bodyparts, where they are, what they are doing, and our overall level of coordination.

Proprioception involves our sensory nervous system and our motor nervous system.
In our work, we often become aware of our clients’ conscious and unconscious levels of proprioception. One thing to add to our knowledge and experience is that proprioception is always in the present moment.

We can focus our work so as to enhance our clients’ overall level of proprioception, which also enhances their overall body awareness.

In our sessions as we work in a way to bring our clients consciously into the specific body parts we’re engaging, we’re also helping them experience the present moment.

When clients learn to engage physically with our hands and our quality and direction of touch, they are starting to become authors of their own body experiences. And because they are entering presence, they are starting to grow in consciousness. Thus, we can add conscious awareness to the results of our work… And healing is one of the rewards of sharing presence.

Thank you Jessie Loo for giving us this gift in your passing.

*Read the Presencing Issue about Jessie (Issue 92)