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Class Days : Tuesdays and Thursdays
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NCBTMB CEs hours are 4 per class, 2 per two hour segment Cost: $40 each 4 hour class or $25 for each 2 hour segment

Side Lying Somatics Introduction - Webinar July 27 - 29

Milton Trager introduced the concept of hook–up or presencing to the world of bodywork. Thomas Hanna introduced the concept of somatics or client conscious awareness. When the conscious mind starts to pay attention to the full language of the body, things change. This is the basis of all somatic approachesRead more

Side Lying Somatics Shoulder Webinar – Two Class Samples August 10 - 12

Shoulder Decompression: Freeing the shoulder joint from anterior/posterior shortening of the rotators, allowing more space between the shoulder and ribs and providing a more structurally stable platform for lifting and extending the arm.
Description: Hold the shoulder in any position… Read more
Weight of arm directed into shoulder joint: Using gravity to create decompression effect into tendons and joint, freeing up very minute holding patterns.
Description: Position abducted arm with upper hand under forearm while varying the vector of compression along axis of humorous, feeling for slight reflexive arcs or releases. As joint capsule is …Read more

Side Lying Somatics Webinar - Jaw Releases August 17 - 19


Some of the strongest muscles in the body are those we use for chewing. One of the reasons we break our molars and other teeth is because we engage those muscles when we are angry, fearful, weight lifting, or working on problems when we are asleep…Read more

Decompression Somatics Introduction – Webinar August 24 - 26

Unusual Aspects of Touch – Decompression: One of the discoveries made by osteopaths in the 19th century is that, instead of forcing the release of a tight muscle or joint, it is better to give gentle support to the effort the muscle is making. For example if someone is lifting a bucket of water… Read more

Decompression Somatics Webinar - Working with Sciatica August 31 - September 2

Sciatica: is a very painful and disabling condition which many bodyworkers deal with in their practice. I had sciatica years before and could find no relief until I blindly stepped in a hole while carrying a load of firewood in my arms… the relief was immediate and lasting. I pondered what had been adjusted… Read more


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